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Intelligent Electric Actuator

    • Intelligent Electric Actuator
    • Intelligent Electric Actuator
    • Intelligent Electric Actuator
    • Intelligent Electric Actuator
  • Intelligent Electric Actuator

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: CHINA
    Brand Name: TIANJIN BELL
    Certification: ISO9001 CE

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 PIECE
    Price: USD 100-900 PIECE
    Packaging Details: plywood case
    Delivery Time: 10-20 days
    Payment Terms: T/T L/C Western Union Paypal
    Supply Ability: 1000 pieces per month
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    Detailed Product Description
    Input Signal: 4--20mA DC Input Channel Resistance: 250 Ohm
    The Number Of Input Channels: 1 Basic Error: 1%, 2.5%
    Backlash: 1.5% Dead Zone: 0.5%--3% Continuous Adjustable (could Adjust According To System Requirements)
    Damping Characteristics: No Swing Power Supply Voltage: Three-phase 380V ~ 50Hz Or Single-phase 220V ~ 50Hz
    Working Environment: Temperature : Integral -10-- + 55 Degrees Celsius, Discrete -25-- + 70 Degrees Celsius. Humidity: ≤85%, Ambient Air Does Not Contain Corrosive Properties Protection Class: According To IEC145 IP65 (waterproof And Dustproof ,discrete GAMX Except Indoor Installation), Bus Type, Intelligent IP67.

    It use new generation of advanced technology.
    It has various kinds of protection function and control mode. It can be divided into the quarter-turn series, linear-turn series and multi- turn series. There are more than hundred kinds of specifications. Its control main board is continuously upgrading and updating and the new products appear rapidly in order to satisfy the needs of modern industrialization.
    The electric actuator has already widely applied in the large and medium-sized project which is the newly built and Expanded built,and was highly appraised by users.
    At the same time, we also accumulate rich technology and scene experiences in the process of updating and upgrading DKJ or other actuators to the introduced series.

    Features of the introduced series

    1.The introduced new generation of intelligent model
    BELL and SD series introduce the advanced technology  ,Assembled and manufactured in domestic, the key components are imported from the country of origin. The manufacturing process is strictly in accord with the technique requirements . Cost performance is better than the original product. this series product is compact structure, light weight, fully function, over 1200 times per hour of the starting times and great logic control circuit, especially applied to the conditions of high-efficient automation and frequent movements.


    2.Cut-off signal protection
    When the signal is interrupted unexpectedly,Or when the input signal is less than 3mA (deemed off signal),Actuator according to user requirements to stop in fully open and fully closed or remain in situ,And having output contacts for alarm use.


    3. Over-torque of two- way protecting function
    When valve normal operation in open &close, Due to the causes of accidents valve stuck,Motor locked rotor exceeds the rated torque,The agency cut off the power supply,Motor to stop working,Protect the host device from damage.At the same time gives a fault alarm signal,Prompt the operator.


    4.Mechanical, electrical-pneumatic double limit travel protection
    When actuator output effective travel exceed set travel, This feature works,Guarantee not exceeding up and down stroke two extreme positions .

    5. Automatic switching function
    Actuators can achieve "remote automatic /remote manual / local" three states to switch,
    And having an electric field operations, field handwheel operation function.

    6. Positive and negative effects Conversion function
    The control panel program has positive and negative effect Conversion function,Suitable for field different needs


    7. Dynamic electric braking function.
    Regulating electric actuator The control panel program,Dynamic electrical braking function,Prevent the motor inertia run-down,Ensure the stability and reliability of the control system.

    8. Double protection, high-performance servo motors
    Motor all with overheating & Breaking phase protection function,When the scene of an accident,This function will effectively cut off electrical power,Double protection the host device. motor has good Servo characteristics,Move frequently do not heat.

    9. A variety of control methods
    A. acceptable standard current signals, passive contact signals and bus signals.
    B. accepts multiple supply voltage control.
    C. can be realized regulated, switching, mechanical and electrical sub-body control valves.

    10. Strong anti - interference capability
    The control panel main chip is imported products,Stable performance,The actuator has a strong anti-jamming capability.
    Input and output signals, use shielded wire.

    11. Solid lubricant ensure that the equipment installed at any angle
    Internal gear using solid state high-quality lubricating grease, the actuator can be installed at any angle, long-term lubrication does not leak.


    12.Phase sequenceProtective function
    Optional phase sequence automatic correction function , phase loss, wrong phase protection.
    ◆ Electronic Series
    Output displacement precise positioning, The overall proportion of regulated concentrate Amplifier, position sending function in control panel.Achieve true integration,4--20mA received signal,4--20mA output signal.
    ◆ Bus Series
    Has a PROFIBUS-DP Universal bus interface,Two-way digital communication function,The operator only in the control room could do scene control, remote programming, functional configuration, on-line monitoring, fault analysis, operation and maintenance.More advanced, convenient and reliable features.
    ◆ Smart Series
    A.Control part use advanced CPU (microprocessor) for intelligent control.
    B.The use of advanced infrared remote control technology,In the case without opening the cover of the actuator,Through the display window can be man-machine dialogue,Implement various parameter settings and debugging,And automatically save,aAutomatic Spider After power again,The adoption of the original setting parameter.
    C.Highlight a large digital display,Real-time display of the input signal values of the actuator,Opening value,Operating status,Various fault conditions.
    D.changes of the actuator Reverse operation mode ,Switching control signal,,Zero position full bit setting,,Dead zone and braking effect's adjust.Just after a simple parameter setting will be completed.

    The introduction of Electronic Series Model (Other series models see selection of samples)


    SD series type BELLseries type



    Travel time


    With motor power rating


    OA10 BELL-10 100 25 0.025
    AS25 BELL-25 250 30 0.065
    BS60 BELL-60 600 30 0.16
    A+RS100 BELL-100 1000 48 0.25
    B+RS160 BELL-160 1600 40 0.25,0.4
    B+RS250 BELL-250 2500 40 0.65,0.4
    B+RS400 BELL-400 4000 65 0.4,0.65,1.0
    B+RS600 BELL-600 6000 105 0.4,0.65,1.0
    B+RS800 BELL-800 8000 105 1.0
    B+RS1000 BELL-1000 10000 105 1.1
    B+RS1200 BELL-1200 12000 105 1.2



    SD series type Push N Rated travel mm Rated speed mm/s
    A+Z64/volt speed travel control type 6400 10 0.6,1.2
    16 0.6,1.2,1.8
    25 0.6,1.2,1.8
    40 0.6,1.2,1.8
    60 1.2,1.8
    A+Z100/ 10000 16 0.6
    25 0.6,1.2
    40 0.6,1.2,1.8,
    60 1.2,1.8
    A+Z160/ 16000 25 1.2
    40 1.2,1.8
    60 1.2,1.8
    100 1.2,1.8
    B+Z250/ 25000 40 1.2,1.8
    60 1.2,1.8
    100 1.2,1.8


    Model table see below Selection electronic version sample

    The introduction of series classification
    According to output mode is divided into three types:
    Quarter-turn electric actuators: output torque, 90 degree angle.
    Linear electric actuator: Output thrust, pull, linear displacement.
    Multi-turn actuator: output torque, more than 360 degrees and more revolutions.
    According to installation method is divided into two kinds:
    Direct connection type : Direct connect output part of actuator with valve,so that the actuator can be mounted directly on the pipe.
    Basic type : Electric actuator mounted on a base pedestal, and is connected via the output arm and the lever with valve. (quarter-turn only)


    According to adjustment mode is divided into three types:
    proportion Modulating type: Electric actuator receiving computer, regulators's 4-20mA or 1-5VAnalog signals, actuator 's output shaft rotation angle (or displacement) actuator is proportional to this signal,And automatically complete adjust task.
    Remote control type: also known as integral type,Electric actuator receives a pulse signal,Relay electrical signal,The output shaft of the actuator can be controlled at any position.
    switched mode: also known as two way type ,It receives the switching signal,But the output shaft of the actuator can control the opening and closing of the two extreme positions.
    (proportion Modulating Electric actuator in the structure and installation is divided into two types:
    a.Integral proportional control type: the actuator and positioner GAMX-D forming an integral part,The whole site installation.
    b.Discrete Modulating: actuator is constituted by the actuator and position locator,But the actuator and positioner GAMX installed separately,Actuator part installed in the field,Position locator is installed in the room or elsewhere.Indeed is a remote control type coupled with a separately installed position locator GAMX. )



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