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HVAC Air Damper

Good quality Pneumatic Globe Control Valve for sales
Good quality Pneumatic Globe Control Valve for sales
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HVAC Air Damper

China Motorized Air Damper factory

Motorized Air Damper

Product Introduction: The motorized air damper is same as manual regulating damper regarding to size and substrate structure, but it is electromotive and switch automatically. It is a volume controller ... Read More
2019-09-03 10:50:48
China Round Air Damper factory

Round Air Damper

Product Introduction: The air volume damper has the features of simple construction, low leakage, small torque, flexible operation, corrosion resistance. This series of air flow damper is indispensable central ... Read More
2019-05-24 10:47:31
China Electric Airtight Valve factory

Electric Airtight Valve

Product Introduction: 1. Electric airtight valve can be used to adjusting the air volume and also to be sealed. It is suitable for there is a requirement for open systems. Such as air conditioning system on air ... Read More
2019-05-24 10:41:05
China Rectangular Air Damper factory

Rectangular Air Damper

Product Introduction: The multi-blade opposed air volume damper is installed on the air conditioning and ventilation ducts. It can adjusting the air volume by the blade angle. The blade can be fixed at any ... Read More
2019-05-24 10:20:05
China CAV Damper/Constant Air Damper factory

CAV Damper/Constant Air Damper

Product Introduction: It is a kind of mechanical system powered controlled for constant volume system. The volume flow rate controller operates without an external power supply. A control blade supported in ... Read More
2019-05-24 10:09:32
China VAV Damper/Variable Air Damper factory

VAV Damper/Variable Air Damper

Product Introduction: This valve is used for air volume control in variable air volume system.This flow valve is consist of mechanical parts (multi-blade valve plate,shell,differential pressure sensor)and ... Read More
2019-05-24 09:53:31
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