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Tian Bo Brand Actuator

Tian Bo Brand Actuator

Tian Bo Brand Actuator

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Place of Origin: CHINA
Certification: ISO9001 CE

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Minimum Order Quantity: 1PIECE
Price: USD 100-900 PIECE
Packaging Details: plywood case
Delivery Time: 10-20 days
Payment Terms: T/T L/C Western Union Paypal
Supply Ability: 1000 pieces per month
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Detailed Product Description
Input Signal: Electric Type: 4--20mA DC Or 0--10mA DC; Common Type: On-off Signal Input Resistance: 250 Ω Or 200 Ω
Input Passage: Common Type – 3 Amplifiers; Electric Type -1 Amplifier Basic Error: 2.5%
Deviation: ≤1.5% Deadline: ≤3%
Damping Characteristic: ≤ Three And Half Period Power Supply: Single-phase 220V 50Hz,three-phase 380V 50Hz
Operating Environment: Temperature: -10℃-- +55℃ Humidity ≤95% The Surrounding Air Does Not Include The Corrosive Elements.

DKJ quarter-turn ,DKZ linear turn Is the earliest, only production electric actuators. It is the period of China's economic plan, the national jointly unified design products.
Our engineers earliest participated in this work,for DKJ, DKZ products to market have contributed,also for the professional development of enterprises laid a foundation.This product structure is simple, economical and practical advantages is the earliest use of state-owned large enterprises.
With the development of modern industrial computer management,Today, our DKJ, DKZ compared with the previous series,With 2 large substantial improvements ① produce directly affected by computer-controlled intelligent electronic type, outdoor type, flameproof and other improved products ② The circuit control section encapsulated in a small plastic box,Commonly known as modules, Forming a plug and play ease of maintenance,Adjusted higher accuracy and longer life.
Our products are the most standard installation dimensions, has played a role for many large enterprises renovation project.
DKJ,DKZ is the most simple structure product which our company produced,But escalating function,It has introduced new products. As long-term stability & outstanding supplier of DKJ,DKZ series products ,We follow the industrial changes,Provide long-term strength of protection for users continue to use the product and technical support.

Normal series actuator models and Dimensions
DDKJ quarter-turn electric actuator (outdoor type, electronic type, see table below diagram):


Rated load




Rated travel

Rated travel time


4—20mA(Ⅲ)Type 0—10mA(Ⅱ)Type
DKJ-2100 DKJ-210 100 0.016 90° 25
DKJ-3100 DKJ-310 250 0.025 90° 25
DKJ-4100 DKJ-410 600 0.08 90° 25
DKJ-5100 DKJ-510 1600 0.18 90° 25
DKJ-6100A DKJ-610A 2500 0.18 90° 40
DKJ-6100 DKJ-610 4000 0.35 90° 60
DKJ-7100 DKJ-710 6000 0.45 90° 100
DKJ-8100 DKJ-810 10000 0.5 90° 100


DKJ installation diagram

Tian Bo Brand Actuator


Tian Bo Brand Actuator


DKZ installation diagram:


Tian Bo Brand Actuator


DKZ Linear electric actuator (outdoor type, electronic under the same):




Output shaft thrust


Travel time


4—20mA(Ⅲ)Type 0—10mA(Ⅱ)Type
DKZ-4100 ZKZ-3100 DKZ-410 ZKZ-310 10 4000 7.5
DKZ-4200 ZKZ-3200 DKZ-420 ZKZ-320 16 4000 12
DKZ-4300 ZKZ-3300 DKZ-430 ZKZ-330 25 4000 18.75
DKZ-5400 ZKZ-4400 DKZ-540 ZKZ-440 40 6400 32
DKZ-5500 ZKZ-4500 DKZ-550 ZKZ-450 60 6400 48
DKZ-5600 ZKZ-4600 DKZ-560 ZKZ-460 100 16000 60


working principle
DKJ, DKZ series electric actuator is the terminal control device of industrial process measurement and control system,It is able to convert system control signals into angular displacement of the output shaft, linear displacement, to Control valves, etc.Closure elements 's position Or other adjustment mechanism,The controlled media work according tosystem predetermined state.
Electric actuator according to control mode is divided by proportional type and integral type. Proportional type actuator is composed with electric servo amplifier and integral actuator, it could compare (closed loop control) system control signal and feedback signal of output shaft position,To change the stroke of the output shaft,to be Proportional relationship with output signal.Integral actuator is consisting of servo motor, reducer and position transmitter,it could work together with electric operater to achieve remote operation for valves and other Adjustment mechanism.


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